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CO2 reduction in port development:
solutions come from the sea

The main objective of the that standardises its use in Warning System (EWS) has
Nereidas project is to other locations. been developed. It is a tool which
offer a solution to make can monitor the parameters
ports more efficient The CO2 emissions produced by in the sea and to distinguish
and to raise environmental maritime traffic and port activities normal variations, contamination
awareness. can be compensated through the occurrences and differences in
ecological process of planting and quality caused by biochemical
The implementation of this developing marine organisms. interactions. It has the ability
project in the port of Melilla can This has been done in the Pilot to analyse and interpret results
be summarised in the following in Melilla scheme. The seagrass in real time and include water
actions: Cymodocea nodosa and the analysis data from other sources.
seaweed Ellisolandia Elongata The Nereidas module can send
• Placement of roughness were used. They are widely spread information about risks via email
structures and techniques for in the Mediterranean Sea. This and SMS to cell phones as well as
the development of Elisolandia compensation mechanism can be web alerts in near or real time.
elongata growth; described as an innovation in the
marine field, and it is an efficient For example: an increase in
• Placement of degradable tool for the capture of CO2, and the concentration of nutrients
structure and the planting of for increasing biodiversity. In dissolved in water can accelerate
Cymodocea nodosa; contrast, currently used methods the microalgae eutrophication
rely on preventive measures for process. Abundance of the algae
• Development of An EWS for reducing fuel consumption. leads to a significant reduction
the control and safeguarding of dissolved oxygen in the water.
of the plantations; In order to identify diffuse The absence of photosynthesis
pollution and to safeguard the affects the microalgae respiration
• .The elaboration of a protocol biological structure, the Early process and consumes all the

Arnaldo Marin - University of Francesc Campá - CIMNE Irene Huguet - ATISAE
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