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The publishers of European Energy Foreword
Innovation would like to offer their
sincere thanks to all individuals and Welcome to the Summer 2015 issue. As EUSEW rightly celebrates European
organisations who have contributed efforts to make itself and its systems more sustainable, we are reminded that the
editorial images photos and illustrations ongoing hostilities in Ukraine and uncertainties over energy security impart fresh
to the magazine. Whilst every effort impetus to these aims.
has been made to ensure accuracy
of the content, the publishers of In our feature on smart grids, Manuel Sánchez-Jiménez and Flavia Gangale
European Energy Innovation accept no from the European Commission review the policies, technology and financial
responsibility for errors or omissions. instruments at the heart of the EU climate and energy strategy. “We are
witnessing”, they say, “big changes to the way electricity is produced, transmitted
The contents of European Energy and used”. It will be no surprise that CEN and CENELEC together put the case for
Innovation are protected by copyright. standardisation in the energy sector, such as in the integration of the European
electricity and gas markets.
All rights reserved.
Louise Ciaravella, of the European Bioenergy Research Institute places the rapid
European Energy Innovation is growth of bioenergy in the context of 2050 targets for CO2 reduction. Part of
published by: the solution lies in new technologies, such as ‘Pyrofabs’. Another part is a new
Prologue Media Ltd organisation, Bioenergy North West (BioenNW), which sees 11 European partners
1a Shire Lane working together to promote bioenergy within five regions in North West Europe.
Chorleywood Nils Torvalds MEP pulls no punches in his excellent and wide-ranging analysis.
Hertfordshire WD3 5NQ Looking back to 2007, he chides that work on strengthening EU energy policies
United Kingdom has been ongoing for a long time, yet the objectives seem to have remained the
same for at least a decade. Referring to the Ukraine crisis and unrest elsewhere,
Tel: +44 1923 286238 he questions the wisdom of over-reliance on diversifying energy supplies, suggesting that Interconnectivity might have a role, though requiring enormous
investment. Bioenergy may, he concludes, have much to offer.
To obtain additional copies please email From the aviation sector, Eric Dautriat reports progress on many fronts that brings
the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking closer to its CO2, noise and NOx targets. He also
EDITOR tells us that several Clean Sky 1 projects are ready to be tested this year. While the
Michael Edmund sector might still have its environmental detractors, Michael Gill reminds us that the modern air transport system connects the world, flying over 25,000 aircraft
across nearly 50,000 routes, each year transporting over 3.3 billion passengers
BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR and 50 million tonnes of cargo while supporting over 58 million jobs and $2.2
Philip Beausire trillion in global economic activity.
As COP 21 approaches, Aguiar Machado, Director General at DG MOVE reminds
COMMUNICATION & ADVERTISING us that despite technical progress, energy efficiency improvements and policy
Stephen Hayter efforts, EU transport still depends on oil and oil products for 96% of its energy needs. He notes that four of the seven Horizon 2020 Joint Undertakings concern
transport. Meanwhile, Philippe Citroën underlines the environmental credentials
HEAD OF BRUSSELS OFFICE of rail transport and the ambitious goals set for the European Transport system.
Sophia Silvert He shows how the €920 million Shift2Rail project seeks to improve the capacity
Mob: +32 4737 30322 and reliability of the rail system, before making the bold claim that rail-bound solutions should be the starting point of any future EU policies aimed at
promoting sustainable transport.
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