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  The publishers of European Energy          Foreword
  Innovation would like to offer their
  sincere thanks to all individuals and      Welcome to the Spring edition of the magazine. Since the last issue, Holland,
  organisations who have contributed         Germany and France have become distracted by election fever, while Greece
  editorial images photos and illustrations  remains stubbornly mired in economic difficulty. Meanwhile, the European
  to the magazine. Whilst every effort       Parliament has welcomed a new President and there is speculation that the
  has been made to ensure accuracy           Commission will do so, too – bringing about a revolution in Brussels, according
  of the content, the publishers of          to Italy’s ‘La Repubblica’, which even goes on to name the Finn Jyrki Katainen
  European Energy Innovation accept no       as likely successor to Jean-Claude Juncker. Such uncertainty must not deflect
  responsibility for errors or omissions.    Europe’s policymakers from the ever-present threat posed by climate change.

  The contents of European Energy            Praising the resilience of Europe’s forests, Emma Berglund reminds us of their
  Innovation are protected by copyright.     role in decarbonizing Europe. She points out that although Sweden’s forests are
                                             managed for many purposes, the value of the bioenergy they produce is much
  All rights reserved.                       less than that of the sawn timber, which highlights the potential for domestically-
                                             sourced biomass. She also argues that policymakers should support the role of
  European Energy Innovation is              wood in the transition to a fossil-free bioeconomy.
  published by:
  Prologue Media Ltd                         Andreea Strachinescu examines how the complex nature of the European energy
  1a Shire Lane                              system has been further complicated by the rapid growth in (variable) renewables
  Chorleywood                                generation. In her excellent article, she argues that the resulting pressures,
  Hertfordshire WD3 5NQ                      particularly on the electricity network, create the need for a forward-looking
  United Kingdom                             energy policy; and provide a strong argument for Energy Storage technologies.
                                             This is particularly so if interconnection does not create enough flexibility in
  Tel: +44 1923 286238                       supply; and particularly important in the context of security of energy supply.
                                             Dr. Eecen illustrates some of the technological developments driving the offshore
  To obtain additional copies please email   wind industry. ECN Wind Energy, he tells us, is a group of experts “focusing on           offshore wind energy cost reduction and engaging in numerous collaborative
                                             research programmes” - which provides the bridge between academia and
  EDITOR                                     industry. It is salutary to contrast the growth in the generating capacity of turbines
  Michael Edmund                             with reduction in the cost of the electricity they generate.
                                             Water: at present, Europeans can take this basic resource for granted, but Gérard
  BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR              Bonnis of the OECD suggests that the “outlook is grim”, with global demand rising
  Philip Beausire                            by more than 50% within thirty years, leading to severe water stress for nearly 4         billion people worldwide. He discusses water risks, such as those associated with
                                             major floods or droughts and an approach to managing them, concluding with
  HEAD OF BRUSSELS OFFICE                    a suggestion to define water as an issue in terms of risk, so uniting the scientists,
  Sophia Silvert                             policymakers and the world of business.
  Mob: +32 4737 30322         Increasing climate scepticism and regulatory complexity are just two of the issues
                                             hampering efforts to decarbonise maritime transport, according to a thoughtful
  DESIGN & PRODUCTION                        article by Michele Acciaro. Professor Acciaro nevertheless sets out a clear                       rationale for such efforts: maritime transport is a substantial contributor to global
                                             emissions and shipping emission reductions are far behind those required to
  WEBSITE DESIGN                             meet 2050 emission targets. He calls for a clear and decisive regulatory response                             and for additional resources to be invested in the sector.

  PRINT                                      Echoing these themes, Jos Delbeke from the Commission highlights the potential
  The Magazine Printing Company,             for shipping to make a significant contribution to global efforts to fight climate
  Enfield, Middlesex, United Kingdom          change. Emphasising COP21 commitments to limiting emissions to combat
                                             climate change, he discusses the need for further effort in the sector, concluding              that any strategy must clearly define emission reduction objectives for the mid-
                                             and longer term.

                                             So there is uncertainty and there is potential. And there is much more for you to
                                             read inside…

                                             Michael Edmund
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