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Summer 2014 European Energy Innovation 3


5 Foreword 41 The benefit of photonic technologies in
rural areas 6
6 Europe has to be innovative to reach its Judith Ibáñez Sánchez and Carlos Lee, 35
energy goals Director General at EPIC 54
Günther Oettinger, European
Commissioner for Energy 46 Spanish electricity reform: the
breakdown of European legal security
8 Putting innovation at the heart of the José Donoso, General Director of UNEF
2030 debate
Koen Noyens, Policy Advisor, Eurelectric 49 Wind energy in Spain makes Europe’s
dream come true
14 Gearing up for Clean Sky 2 Heikki Willstedt, Energy Policy Director
Eric Dautriat of the Spanish Wind Energy Association
18 May the Force be with you!
Luc Tytgat 52 The Spanish renewable energy sector at
a critical point
22 New horizons in aviation José Miguel Villarig, Chairman of the
Dr Naresh Kumar, ACARE Spanish Association of Renewable
Communication Group Chair Energy Companies, APPA

26 Setting the targets for sustainable 54 Sustainable shopping centres as a
growth in aviation reflection of modern society
Haldane Dodd, Air Transport Action Cosmina Marian, for the Buildings
Group, Geneva Performance Institute Europe (BPIE)

29 Towards greener skies 58 How can cities act for a sustainable
Simon McNamara, Director General, ERA future?
Marine Faber from the Buildings
32 The EERA: Aligning national energy Performance Institute Europe (BPIE)
research programmes within the ERA
Hervé Bernard, Chairman of EERA and 61 Shaping energy intelligent cities of
Deputy CEO of CEA (FR) tomorrow
Dieter Reiter, Lord Mayor, City of Munich
34 The top ten research priorities for
renewable energy 64 Maintaining the edge: Energy
Vinicius Valente & Greg Arrowsmith Innovation in Norway
Terje Aasland, MP, Vice Chair of the
36 Some like it hot Norwegian Standing Committee on
Vittorio Prodi Energy and the Environment

68 Effecttive 3D Float in offshore wind
Mette Johnsrud, IFE

70 Clean energy by the fjords

39 Geothermal heating and cooling: where 72 We bust boundaries 68
we are and where we should be Gro Braekken, CEO, Norwegian Oil and
European Geothermal Energy Council
Gas Association
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