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58  Spring 2017 European Energy Innovation


Innovative technologies to lower
cost of energy offshore wind farms

By Dr. P.J. Eecen, ECN, R&D Manager Offshore Wind Energy

When will offshore wind
energy be subsidy free? Which
technology is required and
where can R&D institutes and
industry collaborate to accelerate
cost reduction further? These
are questions Dutch research
institute ECN works on every
day. In this article, this pioneer in
offshore wind energy shares the
latest insights.

At ECN, we are convinced
               that all options for
               renewable energy (wind,
               solar, biomass) play an
essential role in the transition towards
a fully sustainable energy system.
Looking at the current Dutch situation,
offshore wind energy in particular is
a critical ingredient to reach national
renewable energy targets. Fortunately,
the political will to invest in offshore
wind energy is there and cost reduction
targets are well on track.

This is demonstrated by recent
Dutch bids for new offshore wind
developments at the North Sea,
leading to significantly lower cost of
energy: DONG Energy will build the
Borssele I and II wind farms (700MW)
for 7,27 €ct/kWh, a consortium with
SHELL and ENECO will build the
Borssele III and IV wind farms (700MW)
for 5,45 €ct/kWh, both prices exclude
grid connection.

The offshore wind industry has evolved
rapidly to the maturing industry it
is today. The growth has unlocked
vast investments and led to mass

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