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Spring 2016 European Energy Innovation          41

                                                                                                             SMART GRIDS

standards and architecture model                   created a Digital Energy task force                   2.	 Considering IT as the platform for
will enable the development of open                with the objective to identify new                        growth and innovation,
interoperable solutions to implement               services that could emerge in this
innovations.                                       context and develop use cases and                     3.	 Enabling the digital disruption
                                                   benefits of the digital transformation                    across the value chain with a
Learning from other industry                       of the energy system. The results will                    deployment of high security
transformation cycles, the energy                  be summarized in a white paper in                         standards.
digital transformation will go through             April 2016 addressing policy makers.
the same disruptive journey making                 Hereafter the main use cases identified               The digital energy journey starts now!
the status quo not anymore an option.              are summarised in the table below.                    All the energy stakeholders, operators,
Digital energy transformation will help                                                                  technology providers and researchers
system operators making rational                   To implement the listed use cases, top                should collaborate jointly to make it
decisions and in the same time                     3 decision imperatives are needed to                  happen with the right speed and the
customers getting every day benefits               transform the energy sector:                          right sense of urgency in order to deliver
and value added services.                          1.	 Building new business models                      the highest benefits to the European
                                                                                                         consumers, consumers and citizens. l
The stakeholders of the SmartGrids                     by re-imagining the end to end
European Technology Platform have                      business processes and the                        1	 See:
                                                       customer centricity,                              2	 See :

General Use        Description                                       Detailed Use Cases                              Expected benefits

                                                                     Predictive maintenance (predicting the loss of  Increase reliability of supply,
                                                                                                                     Reduce cost of Operations
                                                                     life of assets, e.g. transformers)              and Capex, Improve quality of
                   Transmission & Distribution Networks and Power    Collaborative Asset Management using Cloud
                                                                     (Asset Intelligence networks)                   Provide real time Asset
                   Generators’ Assets new models: Smart products,                                                    Cockpits reducing incidents
                                                                                                                     and outages
Asset management   Data-driven business models, Technology-driven
                   customer engagement and New alliances. (80%

                   of companies who invested in IOT increased their Asset Information and Health

                                                                     Dynamic line rating                             Defer grid upgrades

                   Improved digital options for network planning     Digital planning of grid reinforcements         Decrease grid upgrade costs
                   Smart operation of the network using IT & OT
Network planning   integration, Big Data and Predictive Services     Demand-driven predictive planning , voltage     Increase DER penetration,
and Operations     (a large Dutch DSO collects 1.5 billion Grid      control and smart grid re-configuration         reliability of supply and better
                   sensor measurements to forecast the required                                                      Network usage
                   operations in real time)

Customer           Full Customer Energy Management using Big         Smart Metering 15’ data                         Energy Efficiency
participation      Data and IOT (800 million estimated installed     Building Energy Data Analysis                   Cleaner energy consumption
                   smart devices by 2020 to understand customer      Demand Response                                 Reduced bills
                   behavior by Utilities)                            Peak load management
                                                                     Real time energy visibility
                                                                     Peer to Peer comparison to change behavior

                   Digital tools allow the TSO and DSO to balance    IOT big data collection from end customers and Better matching of demand
                   the network more efficiently
Balancing                                                            data aggregation balancing.                     and supply across the energy

                                                                     Islanding operation using DER, Micro-grids      mix

Integration of EV  Storage assets and EVs can become part of the     V2G Services                                    Increase reliability of supply
and storage        solution to integrate DER (estimated total world  Use cases defined by the “Merge” project1       Decreasing grid upgrade costs
                   energy storage market by the year 2020 is 50                                                      Avoid over-voltages
                   billion $)                                        EV coordination schemes                         Peak shaving for the consumer

                                                                     Use cases described by the market model to      Enable flexibility to enter the
                                                                     facilitate the market                           market

Market Facilitation The data that market facilitator provides (e.g.                                                  Strengthen case for building
                                                                                                                     energy management
(e.g. DSOs)        DSO) can be offered to other commercial parties                                                   technologies

Data Hubs          to facilitate market operation                                                                    Increase Energy Efficiency and
                                                                                                                     collaboration services between
                                                                     Use cases defined by the “Flexiciency” H2020    Distributors and Retailers
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