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Development of automated combined berthing aid and drift
monitoring system for large ships.

ABOUT THE DockingMonitor berthing and container port environment. The
DOCKINGMONITOR PROJECT drift monitoring system consist target areas are national, EU
DockingMonitor is a two-year of two different measurement and overseas small and large
EU Research for the benefit of systems: Transversal Movement harbours receiving cargo vessels.
SMEs project ending autumn Monitor (TMM) and Longitudinal Potential markets identified are
2015. The project consortium Movement Monitor (LMM). the expanding oil and gas sector
has partners from Denmark, Italy, Longitudinal drift measurement is as well as the general maritime
Germany and Norway. The project handled by an innovative machine freight and cruise ship traffic.
was initiated by Marimatech vision system. The camera- It is expected that the solution
AS (DK) having extensive based monitoring uses image with using only one telemeter
experience in innovation and processing algorithms to calculate laser vs. two as in existing
technology development in port the velocity and motion and alerts systems is attractive to existing
safety industry. Other industrial in case of critical displacements. as well as new customers. The
partners are S&F Systemtechnik Transversal movements of a DockingMonitor will be further
GmbH (DE), Cortem SPA (IT), ship are detected by a custom improved to a smaller and lighter
Westcontrol AS (NO) and Norske made 2D-laser scanner. The single-housed portable model
Shell AS (NO). R&D partners were TMM is combined with a flexible before it is ready for the market. ●
Teknologisk Institutt as (NO) control system that handles the
having the role as coordinator, message flow in and out the Contact details:
Fraunhofer ILT (DE) and Labor srl (IT). DockingMonitor system. EX-proof Marimatech AS
housings to fit the requirements Jakob Poulsen
SAFE DOCKING WITH at oil and gas terminals have been
DOCKINGMONITOR designed and constructed for the
DockingMonitor is a combined two subsystems.
berthing aid and drift monitoring Project Partners
system which eliminates the DOCKINGMONITOR KEY
need for distributing more than BENEFITS TThhiisspprorjoecjtehcats hreacseivreedcfeuinvdeindg from the European Union’s
one measurement unit at the The solution will be energy and fFuranmdeiwnogrkfrPoromgratmhmeeEfuorrorepseeaarcnh, technological developm
jetty. Great risks are associated cost efficient. DockingMonitor is Udenmioonns’tsraStieonveunndtehr Fgrraanmt aegrweeomreknt no 315423.
with the process of berthing and portable and easy to install on Programme for research,
cargo transfer of large ships, the jetty. The port operators will technological development and demonstration
particularly oil and LNG tankers. in addition benefit from robust under grant agreement no 315423.
High speed upon approach technology having improved
to jetty and excessive ship safety automation. Data from
movement when moored may the system will be transmitted
cause damage to jetty structure, to displays, PCs and handheld
loading arms, fenders and ship devices. An alarm system will alert
hull, or result in oil spills during jetty and ship crew of potential
loading/unloading of oil and danger. The system design shall
LNG tankers. The risk of mooring ensure reliable and precise
line breakages and consequent measurements in challenging
danger to cargo and jetty crew light and weather conditions
will be reduced. making DockingMonitor the
perfect choice in exposed
The project has built a POTENTIAL MARKETS AND
working prototype developed AREAS OF APPLICATION
within machine vision, laser The DockingMonitor system
technology, control electronics, has successfully been subjected
and mechanical design. The to testing in the lab and in
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