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penetration of solar Photovoltaic
(PV) generation under today’s
operation with a pre-dominant
operational challenge for PV
control. The key focus is to define
control strategies to increase the
intake of the energy supply from
PV on the roof generation into the
grid while maximizing the benefits
for the low voltage power grid.

The project will optimize the PV Airborne image of the test area Einsingen in Ulm (Germany) with the position of the
electricity production at the Ulm PV systems and the transformer.
testing site, which presents, at
the test demonstration site area 233 kWp are installed. The single and control system facilitating
Einsingen, an over production, system powers range from 2.2 distributed system intelligence
without self-consumption, of PV kWp to 47.84 kWp. This equals to across coupled smart grids. This
electricity of 230 MWh annually a penetration rate of 37 % of the will result in a higher integration
on an average annual electrical transformer nominal power. of renewable energy sources
consumption of 1000 MWh. The such as PV into the energy grids,
test area Einsingen covers the area CONCLUSIONS in a reduction of CO2 emissions,
of one low voltage grid transformer The OrPHEuS project investigates in energy savings and security
in the village Einsingen. the challenges of complex of energy supply which will
communication coupling for provide economic, social and
The test site contains a single hybrid energy grids towards environmental benefits to the
secondary substation transformer new opportunities for increasing communities where the OrPHEuS
with a nominal power of 630 kVA PV integration and researches control strategies will be
(10 kV/0.4 kV). 137 houses are control strategies embedded implemented. ●
connected via eight feeder lines over networked communication
to this transformer. The houses The OrPHEuS project has received funding
are single family houses or multi- from the European Union´s Seventh Programme
family houses as well as a couple “Smart Cities 2013” for research, technological
of agriculture estates with living development and demonstration under grant
house and estate building. At agreement No. 608930.
the moment 20 PV systems with
a summarized nominal power of Project website:

Contact details:
Ingrid Weiss and Silvia Caneva
OrPHEuS project Coordinator
WIP – Renewable Energies
T: 0049 (0)89 720 12 735
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