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Autumn 2014 European Energy Innovation 3



5 Foreword 34 Growing and influencing: Port 6
Equipment Manufacturers Association
6 Alleviating fuel poverty in Europe celebrates its 10th anniversary
Buildings Performance Institute Europe
(BPIE) 36 LNG has yet to prove it’s in ship shape
Bill Hemmings, Transport &
12 The role of LNG in the directive on
the deployment of alternative fuels Environment’s clean shipping manager
José Fernandez Garcia, Policy Officer, 38 Adoption of LEDs in Smart Lighting
Directorate-General for Mobility and
Transport, European Commission Systems
Carlos Lee, Director General, EPIC –
European Photonics Industry Consortium

15 Gas: still a secure, flexible and clean 44 Intelligent lighting for people 15
Reine Karlsson, Prof. EcoDesign,
Margot Loudon, Deputy Secretary InsideLight, Lund University Open
General, Eurogas
Innovation Center

18 GERG – Marcogaz Gas Sensor Initiative 48 In the forefront of lighting 48
Jean Schweitzer (Danish Gas Technology Kai Piippo, Chief Designer, AF Lighting,
Centre), Daniel Hec (Marcogaz), Robert Sweden
Judd (GERG)
52 European Photovoltaic Market contracts
22 A Security Risk Assessment in a rapid expanding global market
Methodology for Gas Infrastructure Arnulf Jäger-Waldau, European
Operators Commission
Thierry Deschuyteneer, Executive
Secretary, Gas Infrastructure Europe 58 Creating the right framework for
(GIE) investment: Targets and renewable
24 EU energy policy: Impact on European Dr James Watson, CEO, European
ports Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA)
Isabelle Ryckbost, Secretary General
ESPO 63 Now is the time to change Europe’s
27 Future energy mix used by shipping can Bertrand Cazes, Secretary General, Glass
reduce the oily waste significantly for Europe
Guido Van Meel, Secretary General
of Euroshore International (a non – 66 Energy efficiency policy and measures
profit association of waste contractors towards its improvement in Poland
specialised in ships’ waste) Ryszard Wnuk, The Polish National
Energy Conservation Agency

32 Blue helps Green: The Commission’s 72 Poland to implement a new RES support 58
Green Ports agenda
Dimitrios Theologitis and Caroline de scheme soon
Clock Arkadiusz Sekscinski, Deputy President,
Polish Wind Energy Association
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