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Winter 2016 European Energy Innovation  43

                                             CARBON CAPTURE & STORAGE

design which allows suppliers to test        patents so results and experience from     as well as authorities.
using flue gas from gas power plants         these campaigns can be freely shared.
and flue gas from the cracker at the         For every technology that has been         INTERNATIONAL TEST CENTER
Mongstad refinery. This makes TCM a          tested, the results and feedback from      NETWORK
unique arena in a global context for         the players show that there have been      Formed in 2012, at the initiative of
targeted testing, development and            significant technology improvements.       TCM and National Carbon Capture
qualification of technology.                                                            Center/Southern (US), ITCN facilitates
                                             TCM is also in a league of its own         knowledge-sharing among carbon
TCM is unique in a myriad of ways,           as regards equipment. It is a high-        capture test facilities around the
including its scale, flexibility and         standard 24/7 operations plant at          world. The NCCC currently chairs and
organisation. At TCM, suppliers can          industrial scale, with 4000 online         operates the ITCN with DOE’s Office
conduct tests that are relevant for both     instruments, workshop, offices, lab, and   of Fossil Energy, a role previously held
coal-fired and gas-fired power plants,       onsite staff. The facility also provides   by Technology Centre Mongstad of
as well as refineries and other industrial   a flexibility that makes it possible to    Norway.
activities. There are no other test          optimise and verify models over a
centres of TCM’s size that are openly        broad area.                                ITCN now includes: TCM, NCCC
available for international players and                                                 (USA), CO2CRC, Australia, CSIRO
that have the flexibility to test different  Knowledge sharing is an important          (Commonwealth Scientific and
technologies.                                aspect of TCM’s activities, both via       Industrial Research Organization),
                                             the owner companies, technology            Australia, CERI (Huaneng Clean Energy
KNOWLEDGE BENEFITS THE ENTIRE                suppliers and in open forums. Much of      Research Institute), China, KIER (Korea
WORLD                                        the work carried out at TCM has been       Institute of Energy Research), Korea,
In addition to the test campaigns            shared at international conferences,       SaskPower, Canada, SINTEF Norway
carried out by the technology                with networks and in research papers       and UKCCSRC, United Kingdom.
companies Aker Solutions, Alstom             that are available to the general public.
(now GE), Shell Cansolv, Carbon Clean                                                   Overall, TCM has provided substantial
Solutions and ION (ongoing), the             The test results have provided new         contributions towards maturing carbon
owners have also carried out their own       knowledge and expertise development        capture technologies, and has thus
test campaigns via TCM based on the          that benefit sub-suppliers, Norwegian      helped strengthen the likelihood of
MEA solvent. MEA is not protected by         and international research institutions,   global application of a climate measure
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