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42  Winter 2016 European Energy Innovation


TCM ensures global progress of
carbon capture technologies

By Vegar Stokset

TCM and its owners, technology             the U.S. and Norway on clean energy       “TCM provides ION with tremendous
            suppliers and other partners,  technology development,” he said.         opportunity for advancement of our
            are making new and important                                             technology. At the 12 MWe scale, TCM
            progress at Mongstad on the    ION Engineering, with funding from        is a vital step in the scale-up process as
road towards making full-scale carbon      the DOE, is the first project from        ION continues to make positive strides
capture better and cheaper.                DOE’s Carbon Capture program to be        towards world-wide deployment of our
                                           located at an international host site.    CO2 capture technology at commercial
The unique Euro 650 million test facility  TCM, adjacent to Statoil’s Mongstad       scale facilities. We look forward to
in Norway has become a crucial test        refinery in Norway, and owned by the      working with the world-class team
ground for companies around the            Norwegian state, Statoil, Shell and       at TCM.”
globe. Close international collaboration   Sasol, is the world’s largest and most
is key to succeed with making Carbon       advanced carbon capture test facility.    The purpose of the test campaign is to
Capture and Storage (CCS) one of the       Work conducted at TCM will be funded      demonstrate the performance of ION’s
three most important climate change        through a $7.6 million award from the     solvent by investigating amongst others
solutions, and representatives from        DOE with a $6.7 million cost share        energy consumption, CO2 loading,
US and Norwegian authorities were          provided by TCM.                          corrosivity, degradation, water balance
present when American technology                                                     management and emissions.
vendor ION Engineering started its         CLOSE US-NORWAY
ground-breaking test campaign at TCM       COLLABORATION                             HIGH TRANSFER VALUE
a few weeks ago.                           “We are happy about the close             Testing of CCS technology under
                                           collaboration with the US Department      industrial conditions like at TCM has
“This project represents a significant     of Energy and very satisfied that ION     significant transfer value for full-scale
step toward commercially deploying         Engineering is starting their testing at  CO2 capture plants. Relevant players in
carbon capture technologies that           Mongstad. We will continue the close      Norway and internationally now have
reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said     dialogue with DOE and hope to see         a better foundation for planning and
Doug Hollett, DOE’s Principal Deputy       more American technology companies        building full-scale capture facilities at a
Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy.     headed for TCM in the future,” said Roy   reduced price and with reduced risk.
                                           Vardheim, Managing Director of TCM.
“It also embodies the importance of        Alfred Brown, CEO and Chairman of         TCM, which is currently in its fourth year
the ongoing collaboration between          ION Engineering said:                     of operation and has a flexibility and

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