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Winter 2015 European Energy Innovation 7


Lead and follower cities in can support the development
the 2014 Call for Proposals on of power sources and assist
Smart Cities and Communities in resolving any initial stage
Lighthouse projects problems, but this, by itself, will
not be enough to demonstrate
the effectiveness of the projects.
The key to a large-scale market
success is the wide replication
of solutions across the European

management systems. They are that enhance quality of life in Therefore, we are also pursuing
an example of how waste and the suburbs, for example, by policy initiatives to promote these
biomass can be useful in district transforming former industrial measures, as well as exchanging
heating systems, or how heating zones or adding shops to best practices and experience
and cooling can be provided residential areas. among cities in Europe, for
by water sourced heat pumps. example with the Covenant of
And they go beyond energy by That is why we are convinced Mayors: a powerful forum that has
integrating the transport network: that these initiatives will make gathered signatures from more
a sector with a strong potential to a strong impact in many cities than 6,600 cities worldwide and
decarbonise cities. DQGFRPPXQLWLHVLQWKHQH[WƓYH represents 211 million inhabitants
years. That is in large part thanks -- a real pathway to promote
In a nutshell, these projects to the Horizon 2020 program, Smart Cities and Communities
are a powerful tool to improve which has earmarked close to €6 solutions, and to help cities
urban quality of life. Ensuring billion for energy research, as well to achieve their ambition of
comfortable housing with a as ESIF which can support such decarbonisation. Building on
moderate energy bill, allowing projects. that success, a new Integrated
inhabitants to use clean transport Covenant of Mayors for Climate &
and enjoy streets lit with energy- MORE AMBITION, BETTER Energy for 2030 was launched on
RESULTS 15 October.
HIƓFLHQWOLJKWLQJDUHRQO\DFRXSOH Such a sizeable commitment is
of examples. These projects often however not enough. EU-funding The European Commission is
join forces with other projects fully committed to improve the
well-being of inhabitants and the
capacity of the cities to boost
local economies and create jobs,
and keeps on developing policies
in this direction. Let’s now all
bring our efforts together in the
transition towards a low carbon,


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