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Winter 2015 European Energy Innovation 53


• to demonstrate how controls of an air/water 7KHFRQVRUWLXPFRQVLVWVRIQLQHSDUWQHUVWKUHH
KHDWSXPSXQLWVKRXOGZRUNLQDŌ6PDUW*ULGō research institutes (Austrian Institute of Technology,
• to highlight the use of air/water heat pump =LHKO$EHJJ$.*DQG*U¦QJHVDQGRQHDVVRFLDWLRQ
units for heating and cooling in multifamily and (XURSHDQ+HDW3XPS$VVRFLDWLRQ
commercial houses
• to pave the way for widespread adoption of the heat pump system will have a major impact on
system in urban areas the European building sector by providing a new
7KHSRWHQWLDOLPSDFWRIWKH*UHHQ+3V\VWHP the greatest impression possible, the consortium
will disseminate its results not only to heat pump
FRPSULVHV manufacturers, but also architects, urban planners,
heating and cooling systems for the use in multi- energy system and eventually, cities free of CO2
family houses in urban areas emissions. O

• to enhance the application range of heat pumps
by focusing on high capacity air/water heat
pumps and heat pumps with alternative working
larger systems

• to rationalize the use and storage of energy )RUPRUHLQIRUPDWLRQSOHDVHYLVLWZZZJUHHQKSHX
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