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Winter 2015 European Energy Innovation 51


2EMHFWLYH5HGXFLQJHQHUJ\ renovation recommendations. UNnLlEeAaSsHh
Such a passport would include
GHPDQGIRUKHDWLQJDQG steps to undertake to achieve a the
FRROLQJMeasures to improve targeted level of performance.
buildings should focus on This oversight can also help er
the root of the problem, the consumers with awareness of
70% energy used for heating about the gains and paybacks
(and cooling). A ‘ceiling’ of energy renovations and It’s time to switch off the old way of thinking
benchmark for heating & enable them implement the switch to INSULATION as a power source.
cooling (H&C) energy demand recommendations.
will trigger the needed energy You don’t have to be a super hero to change Europe’s energy policy. There is no need
renovations, prevent the • )LQDQFLQJis essential to for an exotic solution that might be ready 20 or 30 years from now. The solution is right
lock-in of voluminous portions spurring renovation, but it can here in our roofs, walls and floor (or at least it should be). If you want to make a fast and
of savings and avoid having only be done if building owners lasting impact that lowers emissions, reduces imports and creates jobs, put energy
oversized heating and cooling can easily, cheaply and for the efficiency first; and nothing says fast results like insulation.
distribution system ending up ORQJKDXOWDSLQWRƓQDQFLQJ$
as stranded assets. ‘one stop shop’ at local level If you want to learn more on how mineral
ZLWKWHFKQLFDOH[SHUWLVHDERXW wool insulation can be you energy superhero,
3. $FWLRQUHQRYDWLRQ available subsidies, policies, please visit:
• &UHDWLQJGHPDQGand and accredited professionals)
is another key ingredient to
self-acceleration towards unlocking the renovation
renovation means information, challenge.
visibility and knowledge
for stakeholders including We now need to prioritise energy
building owners, and a more HIƓFLHQF\LQEXLOGLQJVDVSDUW
tangible business case for of broader structural reforms
renovation. This also includes to improve the EU and national
linking renovation to key competitiveness of the economy
‘trigger points’ (change of and make it a fundamental part of
our climate & energy strategies.
renting a property). 7KHHQHUJ\FOLPDWHHFRQRPLF

&HUWLƓFDWHV(EPC) should be
developed into a building PDQ\DQGWRRODUJHWRJRXQQRWLFHG
passport, which follows the
building throughout its life DQ\PRUHřLWōVWLPHWRXQOHDVKWKH
and contains tailor-made


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