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Winter 2015 European Energy Innovation


The importance of the development of
the Smart Grids for the growth of electric

By Joseph Beretta, Avere-France President, AVERE Vice president

(b nergy has always been now that other problems need supply, air quality and storage of
crucial in the economic to be resolved: recharging electrical energy.
development of human infrastructure, integration of
societies. The industrial charge stations in electrical By correctly anticipating the
revolution, have each time as networks. development of electric vehicles
the association of a new energy and recharging infrastructure,
pathway with a new technology of France have around 63,000 it is possible to transform
communication, as well as a new electric vehicles in circulation, the these constraints into future
transportation mode. Thus in the million vehicles will surely reach opportunities both for the electric
19th century was coal, train and between 2020 and 2025. An network and electric vehicle.
telegraph, in the 20th century oil, ambitious plan of development
automobile, and phone, today of public charging infrastructure The massive introduction of
we see, renewable energies, low is underway, 10 000 charge renewable energy such as
carbon vehicles (electric and terminals are today installed. solar and wind power demand
hybrid car) and the internet. application storage capability to
As the market is still emerging, treat the intermittence of these
Beyond being a simple industrial the impact of electric mobility energies. The electric vehicle is
revolution, the energy transition on the grid today is very limited parked 80-90% and connects it to
must be carrier of a complete but we must wonder about the the network. It is therefore possible
transformation of the energy/ consequences of a massive EV to use the battery of the vehicle as
technology/communication deployment on the balance of a storage system for the network.
system and electrical energy is the electrical network. The impact
at the heart of this change. This The electric vehicle will promote
transition must be done taking RIUHƓOOVGHSHQGVHVVHQWLDOO\RQ and optimize renewable energy
into account the new constraints the charging vehicle demand. integration and contribute thus
imposed by the technologies of In order to spread this power, it to reduce CO2 emissions and
tomorrow: renewable energy, is possible to control it via the pollutant of electricity production
electric cars and internet network. For this, we should go which will improve environmental
broadband. to the intelligent charge (Smart impact.
charging stations). These smart
So today the emergence of It is therefore a virtuous circle that
electric mobility is global, it V\VWHPVLQFOXGLQJUHƓOOVDW will engage between the Smart
must bring solutions to energy home in order to avoid the two Grids and electric vehicles. We
independence, climate change traditionally observed peaks in could consider electric vehicle
and air quality. We are at the the day and, in particular the late as the missing link between
beginning of this 3rd industrial afternoon. transportation and electrical network.
revolution: renewable electric
energy, electric connected and These Smart Grids could balance The future is therefore drawn, the
communicating cars. supply demand of the electrical Smart Grids are an indispensable
grid to the batteries of recharge condition for the development
But the electric vehicle is a vehicles are already a reality at of electric mobility as well to
complex ecosystem. For a long the level of a building; it is now avoid oversized power electrical
time, it has conditioned by time to upper at national network network, to enable the integration
emergence to the availability level. Electric vehicles and Smart of renewable energy and reduce
of the batteries. One realises Grids have the same challenges the electrical kWh CO2 content. O
and constraints: reduction of
emissions of CO2, security of
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