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above have direct positive
impacts on the consumer. The
use of electric vehicle batteries
or electric appliances means
that customers will no longer
rely on fossil fuels and their
volatile prices. Moreover, the
development of demand
response options for consumers
make electric solutions more
valuable compared to fossil



by giving them the opportunity


control of their consumption.

ARE A REALITY on electricity bills. These make or whether we continue to
The good news is that the electricity more expensive to consume large quantities of
technologies enabling customers compared to fossil fossil fuels in our buildings and
fuel alternatives. It is therefore means of transport for another
HOHFWULƓFDWLRQDUHDUHDOLW\7KH\ crucial to develop smarter generation. If we are serious
already exist on the market about decarbonisation, and
or are getting ready for mass ƓQDQFLDOLQVWUXPHQWVWRLQFUHDVH the power sector is, unlocking
deployment (e.g. electric vehicles, private investment in new
heat pumps, smart technologies technologies that can replace old HOHFWULƓFDWLRQōVSRWHQWLDO
controlling energy consuming ones. Moreover, further factors
appliances, and direct heating ZLOOPXOWLSO\LWVEHQHƓWVIRU
based on low carbon generation). HQDEOLQJHOHFWULƓFDWLRQVXFK society and the environment.
However, we must ensure that as innovation and smart grids, EURELECTRIC, sector association
these technologies live up to their need to be recognised so that representing the common
potential and help transform the new technologies can be pushed interests of the electricity industry
energy system. While there have forward. at pan-European level, has made
already been some positive policy
signals, such as the strengthening Without a doubt, the HOHFWULƓFDWLRQDWRSSULRULW\LQLWV
of the EU Emissions Trading agenda and will publish further
Scheme (EU ETS), much more HOHFWULƓFDWLRQRIWUDQVSRUWDQG reports supported by quantitative
progress is possible in the right heating is a very promising data. O
policy landscape. pathway. However, the policy
obstacles indicated above need Contact details:
POLICY DRAWBACKS AND to be addressed as soon as Hans ten Berge
OBSTACLES possible. The choices we make Email:
Despite policy developments, today will determine whether Web:


from a general lack of recognition
or even a straight blockade of
technologies involved. One
major obstacle, which remains
to be tackled, is related to the
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