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Potential growth of renewables

and corresponding progress in

Greece By Eva KAILI, Member of the European Parliament

According to the of the existing old electricity Since 2010 Greece, has
Hellenic Wind Energy production facilities that utilize significantly improved the RES
Association, Greece lignite and oil, with clean related institutional framework
has an estimated technology and RES. and through the necessary
wind potential between 8.5 GW
to 10 GW (with the existing
grid planning), while the under
implementation National
Renewable Energy Action Plan
foresees the wind power capacity
to increase from 1.6 GW in 2011
to 7.5 GW in 2020 (International
Energy Agency (IEA) 2011).

Greece currently imports the
majority of its oil and gas
requirements and security of
supply is one of the key objectives
of the national energy policy and
one of the major geopolitical
threats that the region and the EU
are facing.

In addition to the above positive
for RES facts, the strengths of the
Greek RES market include:

• ideal climate conditions for
wind and solar energy,

• a proven and profitable
track record of existing RES
investments in the last 20 years,

• the successfully operating
Feed-In Tariff system (long
term Power Purchase

• substantial investment

• the actual need and the
corresponding decision and
commitment of the Greek
Governments to replace some
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