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Supporting Energy Saving in
Residential Buildings:
A multi-benefit program

By K. Mathioudakis, Secretary General for Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of environment, energy
and Climate Change

Promoting energy saving
in residential buildings
is a multi-benefit activity.
Energy consumed in the
residential sector is a significant
part of total energy consumption
(e.g.29.4% in Greece, 26.2% in
EU, from Eurostat data 2012).
Programs aiming to saving energy
in residences are thus highly
desirable within an overall energy
performance improvement
framework. One such program
is the Greek “Energy Saving at
Home” program. It provides
financial incentives in the form
of grants and interest-free loans,
for energy-saving interventions in

The program was launched
in 2011 by the Ministry of
Environment, Energy and
Climate Change. It covers low
energy performance buildings,
classified at class D or lower
(classes according to the national
code for energy performance of
buildings). The form of benefit
depends on the owners’ income.
Grants are escalated in 70%, 35%,
15% of cost, for lower, middle
and higher income respectively.
All participants are eligible for
an interest free loan, for the
remaining part of the costs.

The program has some particular
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