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Winter 2014 European Energy Innovation 69


Mayor of Oslo, Fabian Stang (Conservative Party) on eBike in front
of 255,5 EVs. The 0,5 is a half Nissan Leaf.

the polluter pay principle on cars. with next generation chargers
do open a new world of smart
time and Mrs. Brundtland was BIDIRECTIONAL CHARGING and convenient use of renewable
the Prime Minister. The Labour Level 2 Smart charging means energy.
Government removed the car tax that the EV can back up the
on EVs in 1990 beginning with electricity grid by sending power SMART LIVING
the imported conversion of a Fiat the other way. The electricity Efficient energy use in buildings
Panda for the Bellona Foundation can move both ways if we want and transport is the modern
and the pop group AHA. The it to do so. Such technology hightec green way of living. This
Minister of Finance, Gunnar was developed in Japan concept is a powerful tool for
Berge, removed the car tax for because of the earthquake and business development and job
this particular car, and the Ministry tsunami. Both Mitsubishi Imiev creation and will improve the
of Finance implemented this and Nissan Leaf can cook rice economy of the EV users. Roofs
decission into the State Budget using the CHAdeMO connector. of a buildings with a southern
for 1990 – 25 years anniversary for The Euro Leaf is prepared for direction will be equipped with
bidirectiona power. Bidirectional PV panels, and connected to a
DC charger prototypes for home stationary battery and smarthouse
charging will be tested next technology. The purpose is
year in a pilot project with a to save solar energy during
fully integrated vehicle to home daytime, connect vehicles and
solution. The first generation move the electricity freely in all
commercial bidirectional AC directions. Connectec EVs will
and DC chargers will be ready be able to collect more energy
for testing springtime next year. and supply the house or the grid
Private cars are normally parked if needed. Norway will capture
more than 95% of the day, the spinning reserve for housing
meaning that they could be able and grid backup. Smart Living is
to do more than driving. Home the modern way of ecofriendly
charging and public charging lifestyle. ●
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