Page 68 - European Energy Innovation - Winter 2014
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Winter 2014 European Energy Innovation


delivered in 1986. One of the key with a basic power of 3,6 kw TOLL ROAD ACCESS AND
policy tools recommended was for each charging point, both REMOVAL OF CAR TAX
to implement the Polluter Pay in commercial districts and Oslo established a toll road
Principle in all nations. This policy residential areas. The Municipality around the city in 1990 and
has been supported by a huge gives a 50% contribution for Bellona started a campaign for
majority in the Parliament. semi public charging point on electric vehicles to improve the air
private property. Free parking quality in the cities. No pollution
FREE PARKING was decided by the Norwegian – no tax was the simple logic from
You can see EVs moving, charging Parliament for public roads in Bellona. This logic was adopted
and parking in all streets of 1996 after a five year campaign by the labour government and
the capital. The Municipality of driven by the Bellona Foundation, decided by the Parliament in
Oslo have established a free heavily backed by the pop group 1996. Sissel Rønbeck was the
of charge public infrastructure AHA. Minister of Transport at that
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