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THE EV CAPITAL zero emission EVs from Mitsubishi, Polluter Pay Principle, established
Norway is the country and Oslo is Nissan and Peugeot. The city by the former Prime Minister of
the EV Capital of the world. The owned bus operator, Ruter, has Norway, and former Leader of the
longest row of electric vehicles started to investigate electric World Health Organisation, Gro
established a world record of buses, and the taxi companies Harlem Brundtland, is the medical
255,5 EVs driven by renewable have started to explore the use of doctor and lady behind the World
power from the oldest existing Nissan Leaf and Tesla S. environment and Health policy.
hydro power plant owned by the Mrs. Brundtland was the leader
Municipality. Oslo is now replacing POLLUTER PAY of a United Nation world report
its entire car fleet of 1000 cars with Strong EV policy based on the on sustainable development

Tesla S has become the dream of EV users and a reality for several
thousands of Norwegians.
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