Page 54 - European Energy Innovation - Winter 2014
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Winter 2014 European Energy Innovation


Smart charging – adding value to
the power system!

By Aura Caramizaru, EURELECTRIC

The rather hesitant uptake
of electric vehicles in
Europe to date has
recently been boosted
by a number of policy initiatives
from national governments,
including both monetary and
non-monetary measures. The
proposed German law for
preferential parking and access
to bus lanes or the French law
increasing bonuses for buying
electric vehicles are just some
examples. Combined with
increasing efforts at the EU level
– as with the recently adopted
Alternative Fuels Infrastructure
Directive requiring member states
to set clear plans for the roll-out
of electric vehicles and related
infrastructure – this can only help
to further expand the e-mobility

Electric vehicles can hold great
promise to make the electricity
system fit for the future – by acting
as flexible demand that draws
power from the grid at times of
low demand, or in accordance
with the available supply of
variable wind or solar power,
thereby providing electricity
storage and flexibility services to
the power system. But depending
on their market penetration and
the time of charging, electric
vehicles also have the potential
to disturb the power system in
a major way, adding additional
demand to the already existing
residential peaks. The answer
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