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52  Summer 2017 European Energy Innovation


Excess heat from data centres can be reused via district heating networks (Photo: iStock)

efficient and clean heat, which helps    between excess heat and renewable                 Contact details:
reduce dependency on fossil fuels.       heat will surely allow Member States
                                         to decarbonise the sector, reduce                 Euroheat & Power
For the first time, the draft directive  emissions and phase out fossil fuels in a         Email:
highlights the potential of recovering   much more cost-efficient way.                     Tel: +32 2740 2110
excess heat and emphasises its role                                                        Web:
as valuable resource. But in order to    The Clean Energy Package constitutes              Twitter: @EuroheatPower
help Member States fully embrace the     without a doubt a significant milestone
potential of excess heat and provide     in the process of building a regulatory                      @DanaPoppEU
necessary support for its exploitation,  framework for the European energy                 Cours Saint Michel 30a Box E,
the right policy framework must be       transition. If we get the details right, this     1040 Brussels, Belgium
in place. Euroheat & Power therefore     package will allow district heating and
recommends to treat excess heat in a     cooling networks to fully realise their               
similar manner as renewable energy       potential to bring efficient, low carbon
and allow Member States to achieve       heating and cooling to the heart of
their renewable energy target for        cities all across the EU. We are ready
heating incorporating more excess        to do our part in delivering the Energy
heat in their systems. The synergies     Union. l
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