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Summer 2016 European Energy Innovation    9


MSP – Multi Sensor Platform
for Smart Building Management

The FP7 project MSP - Multi
Sensor Platform for Smart Building
Management has the objective of
strengthening the leadership of
European industries in the highly
competitive area of smart sensing
systems in building management and
mobile applications. The MSP project
is focused on the development of
essential devices and sensors that are
required for miniaturized smart systems
suitable for indoor and outdoor
environmental monitoring:

• Nanotechnology based gas sensors        consumption and CO2 emissions can be          University of Freiburg from Germany
    for detection of potentially harmful  saved using intelligent air conditioning
    or toxic gases                        systems that are controlled by air        • Boschman Technologies B.V., and
                                          quality. Additional infrared sensors          Holst Centre from the Netherlands
• Novel sensors for particulate matter    provide fire alarm and detect and locate
    and ultrafine particles               the presence of people in the building    • University of Oxford, University of
                                          – this can set new safety standards in        Cambridge, University of Warwick,
• Infrared sensors for people presence    building technologies. Gas sensors            Cambridge CMOS Sensors, and
    and fire detection                    implemented into smartphones can              Samsung R&D Institute UK, from the
                                          provide warning of a defective heating        United Kingdom
• Visible light sensor and UV-A/B light   system and an increased or even deadly
    sensors                               CO concentration - a potential source     • University of Louvain, and Vito from
                                          of danger in millions of households           Belgium
• Highly efficient photovoltaic and       worldwide. An ozone sensor can be
    piezoelectric devices for energy      used to monitor air quality and support   • Universitá degli studi di Brescia from
    harvesting.                           athletes in planning outdoor training.        Italy.

The rigorous employment of Through-       The MSP-project started on 1st            The MSP project started in the autumn
Silicon-Via technology enables a highly   September 2013. Materials Center          of 2013 and is due to complete in
flexible “plug-and play” 3D-integration   Leoben (MCL), an Austrian COMET K2        spring 2017.
of the sensor devices on a CMOS           Competence Centre, coordinates this
platform chip to miniaturized smart       €18 million project that comprises of 17  For further information please visit:
systems with significantly advanced       large and small companies, universities l
functionalities. The implementation       and public research centres from 6
of a micro controller and a wireless      European countries:                         MORE INFORMATION
communication system enables                                                          Univ.-Doz. Mag. Dr. Anton Köck
stand-alone operation in smart sensor     • Materials Center Leoben, ams AG,          Materials Center Leoben Forschung
networks, communication to smart              and EV Group (EVG) from Austria         GmbH, Roseggerstrasse 12, A-8700
phones and is targeted towards future                                                 Leoben, Austria
Internet-of-Things applications.          • ams Sensor Solutions Germany    
                                              GmbH (previous AppliedSensor            Tel: +43 3842 45922-505
The MSP-project opens entirely new            GmbH), Fraunhofer Gesellschaft          Mobil: +43 676 848883143
applications: Up to 50% of energy             (IIS & IISB), Siemens AG, and the
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