Page 10 - European Energy Innovation - Summer 2016 publication
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10  Summer 2016 European Energy Innovation


We must place citizens at the
heart of the Energy Union

By Theresa Griffin, Member of the European Parliament (pictured)

This year, the European Union                These proposals call on the European      and the development of a functioning
            and Energy Union face            Union to resolve three major issues:      retail market.
            important legislative proposals  the transition to a sustainable and
            on the European Union            decarbonised economy with increased       In order to achieve these objectives,
Emissions Trading System, Security of        energy efficiency, renewables and a       we cannot just consider energy as a
Supply, Energy Efficiency and Energy         smart, flexible, energy supply; the need  commodity, but more importantly as
Market Design.                               to guarantee secure and stable energy;    a basic social right. The Energy Union

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