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Demonstrators in the Sky

By Eric Dautriat

The Clean Sky Joint Days across Europe, a first set flight demonstration, the A340
Undertaking is moving of Grant Agreements for the integration campaign just started
closer to reaching start of the preliminary phases, in Tarbes to fly the laminar wing,
its environmental the First Call for Core Partners the Open Rotor first tests and a
targets to dramatically slash the launched, evaluated, ranked, and geared turbofan.
air industry’s carbon dioxide negotiated, and the First Call for
(CO2), noise and nitrous oxide Partners launched. The second Due to the amount and the
(NOx) footprints by developing call for Core Partners has recently quality of projects that were
technologies for new engine been published and a second call successfully completed, we
architectures, improved wing for Partners is planned for July. decided to award the three Best
aerodynamics, lighter composite Clean Sky Projects of 2015. The
structures, smarter trajectories, Meanwhile, Clean Sky 1 is also Ceremony was held during the
and more electric on-board more than active. The time Clean Sky Forum which took
energy. of the large demonstrators place on 17 March 2015, in
has come. An overview of the Brussels. The event gathered
Since its launch on 9 July 2014 demonstrators ready to be tested some 230 participants from
which I reported in these pages this year include the Rolls-Royce industry, research organisations,
one year ago, Clean Sky 2 has ALPS demonstrator, the High SMEs and EU institutions mainly.
not just taken off but climbed Compression Engine (Diesel This is very rewarding for the
even higher. We had a very engine on a light helicopter), Joint Undertaking in general,
dense but rewarding period that the ATR-72 first round, for a for our community, and for
included a dozen Information composite fuselage panel in- those who conducted these
projects particular, as the projects
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