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the most extensive aeronautical Airbus also is contributing to (in cooperation with Rolls-
research programme ever the improvement of air traffic Royce) which aims at reducing
launched in Europe. management with its participation fuel consumption, emissions
in the SESAR (Single European and noise through distributed
Airbus is driving the CS2 Sky ATM Research) joint propulsion.
collaborative research work undertaking, created to improve
stream focusing on the future control of aircraft flying the skies Airbus Group Innovations
of large passenger aircraft, of Europe and reduce airport is collaborating with key
while Airbus Helicopters is congestion – which could reduce international research
leading the design of LifeRCraft CO2 emissions by 10% per flight. organisations to evaluate
(Low Impact, Fast & Efficient potentially ground-breaking
RotorCraft), a compound INNOVATION & ENVIRONMENT hypersonic flight technologies
rotorcraft which combines the Tomorrow’s technologies for speeds of up to Mach 6. The
speed and efficiency of a plane towards a sustainable future ZEHST (Zero Emission High-Speed
with the hovering capabilities of Reducing aviation’s environmental Transport) concept combines
a helicopter as demonstrated by footprint is one of the primary advanced turbo jet and rocket
the X3. challenges of the next few engines, as well as air-breathing,
decades. Aside from continuing hydrogen-fuelled ramjets for
to reduce greenhouse gas the aircraft’s cruise flight at
emissions, the spotlight is also on approximately 25 km altitude.
the move away from traditional
energy sources. Airbus Group promotes cutting-
edge technologies and scientific
As said Detlef Müller-Wiesner, excellence to contribute to global
Head of E-Aircraft Programmes progress and deliver solutions
at Airbus Group, the E-Fan is a for the challenges posed by such
crucial step on Airbus Group’s societal issues as environmental
journey toward all electrical / protection, mobility, defence
hybrid aircraft. and security, and safety.
Around the globe, we search
The E-Fan successfully carried out for technological excellence,
its maiden flight in April 2014, benefitting from competences in
and was awarded the prestigious key countries. l
Personal Aircraft Design Academy
(PADA) award the same year at 1)  These are relative to the capabilities of typical new aircraft in 2000.
the AirVenture Oshkosh Airshow.
Contact us:
Airbus Group now intends to
mature the aircraft for pilot For more information on all these topics please
training while also using it as a visit:
platform to develop the potential
of electric propulsion. Or download the Airbus Group EcoWay app:

In addition to the E-Fan, Airbus
Group is exploring hybrid
propulsion systems, with
programmes such as the E-Thrust
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