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Spring 2017 European Energy Innovation    65

                                                          WATER ENERGY

recognized, or little adopted.            This will have an impressive impact on    Overall the value of water for all sectors
                                          the water related energy consumption,     in our society will be better recognized,
In this regard, the WssTP vision depicts  and contribute to decoupling the          making more water and alternative
a future European society which will      water-energy nexus, which is essential    water sources available for different
manage not only our precious multiple     to the sustainable production and to      uses and users within a circular society.
direct water sources from clean rivers,   support the competitiveness of the
lakes, and below ground, but also from    European economy and business.            ICT solutions and technologies will
alternative sources such as rain-water,                                             prove to be an important driver,
sea and brackish water, as well as,       WssTP envisions a European water          digitally enabling innovations. New
brines and regenerated wastewater,        sector that will be significantly         markets will emerge if the “true”
all considered within a holistically      transformed with respect to the current   value of water is better recognized,
integrated system, which will take        situation. New concepts such as           and if we manage water accordingly.
into account, by the same token, the      “Multiple Waters” and “Digital Water”     Such an approach can only boost the
water-energy nexus. In the future,        will be driving decision makers in a      “traditional water market” and make
we will optimise water management         new water-smart economy, enabled by       new market opportunities emerge
and allocation, minimizing energy         new technologies fostered within an       that valorise important amounts of raw
consumption, by storing, treating and     Open Innovation environment and a         materials, as well as embedded energy,
distributing the right water for the      redesigned water infrastructure.          in used water streams, and make those
right purpose to the right users in a                                               available for our society.
synergetic combination of centralized     New governance structures, and
and decentralized water treatment.        partnerships to capture the true value    It is time to think and plan in new ways
Water use will be optimised based on      of water, new pricing schemes and         regarding energy and water. We need
the circularity principle for water such  mechanisms and novel, more profound       to make the drops-to-watts connection,
as cascading, reuse, recycling, while     water stewardship programmes, will        and make best possible use of the
enacting new economic mechanisms          influence the water market gearing        nexus. l
and models based on the true value        towards 50% reduced pressure on
of water (such include recovering the     our natural water systems. This should      Contact details:
energy in water, and being able to        imply also a dramatic, massive saving of    Email:
extract energy from water treatment       water related energy consumption, and       Web:
processes).                               optimized energy recovery from water.
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