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Spring 2016 European Energy Innovation  31

                                             TRANSPORT DECARBONISATION

on "sustainable urban mobility".             combination of resource-efficient          a "2030 climate & transport package"
Considering that 70% of GHG for              solutions and Intelligent Transport        setting key targets such as: 30% cut
transport are produced in urban areas,       Systems (ITS). On the first hand, we       in greenhouse gas emissions (from
setting the rules and the objectives         need to find a way to better support       2010 levels), +30% of energy from
for a better urban mobility turns out        research about electric vehicles,          renewables, 30% improvement in
to be a giant step. I am also proud          hydrogen-powered vehicles, including       developing bike tracks and 30% for
that we passed a text which was well-        those using methane reforming,             multimodality. Whatever happens, I will
balanced between various aspects of          natural gas vehicles, hybrid vehicles,     pay a peculiar attention to it and will
sustainable mobility: economic, social,      LPG vehicles and eliminate fossil          be pushing for ambitious objectives.
climate, air quality and security aspects    fuel and diesel from subsided
were all combined. For instance, we          economy. On the second hand, if ITS        To finish with, I believe that the Juncker
recognised, on an equal footing with         is developing as well as it's expected     plan could play a key role in financing
fuel poverty, that sustainable mobility      to be, there will be a twist in people's   sustainable urban transport and
poverty is a major social issue to tackle    mind. Solo car will no longer be an        infrastructure projects I and call the
when it comes to transport.                  option if real-time traffic facilitates    Commission and the Member States
                                             access to public transport and makes       to increase their financial support for
Unfortunately, urban mobility is not in      life simpler.                              sustainable urban mobility projects,
the scope of competence of the EU. It                                                   to ensure the necessary synergies
means that the European parliament           Another aspect that is going to show       between the various funding sources
only had a brief window of opportunity       up very soon is the sharing economy        and programmes, and to develop links
to endorse and speed up this topic.          for moblity. I put this subject on top of  between urban mobility, the new Digital
But we count on local governments            my list. There is an obvious benefit to    Agenda and the Energy Union. l
in making it a priority. They proved it      get from ride-sharing and carpooling
during the COP21 when 700 mayors             platforms because it helps reduce
of big cities around the world took the      traffic jams and emissions per person.
resolution to reach 100% of renewable        At the meantime, we are facing this
energy for 2050. If urban planification      new challenge of organising a new
lies in their hand, Europe can help          market, regulating competition,
funding platforms for exchanges of           protecting consumer's privacy and
experience, leading studies on time          security, protecting independent
policy (teleworking, ICT technologies        workers, protecting startup creators
and teleconferencing) to improve             and finding a way to make professional
business mobility, prescribing models        users contribute their intensive use
for new areas accessible only to public      of public infrastructures. All these
transport, bicycles, pedestrians, zero-      questions will be on the table in the
emission vehicles, car sharing and           forthcoming months.
carpooling and also smart access for
the last kilometer, etc. As you may see,     On these matters, one should reach a
the field of investigation is infinite. Sky  climax at the end of the year when the
is the limit.                                European Commission (EC) is going
                                             to give a communication about their
Regarding innovation and new                 regulation proposal on decarbonation
technologies, a low-carbon economy           of transports. I wish the EC would be
in transport depends on a subtle             more ambitious, putting on the table
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