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opportunity in this respect. ARROWHEAD
Unfortunately, IoT technology FRAMEWORK
on its own does not currently COMPLIANT
support global interoperability LOCAL CLOUD
or fast and simple engineering of
applications, such as minimisation
of energy consumption (our focus
in “Arrowhead”).

To address this, “Arrowhead”
provides a technology Framework
(often called a “platform”) that
minimises the interoperability
problems while substantially
reducing the engineering effort
needed to create and deploy
innovative energy-saving
solutions on a large scale.

In short, the Arrowhead service, a large water network in Fig. 2. An Arrowhead Framework cloud
Framework provides all necessary the south France expect energy enabling local automation system to be
“glue” to enable structured use of saving of about 15%. integrated with suitable security using IoT
services provided by IoT devices, application devices.
while at the same time supporting In Spain, a micro energy grid
the provision of security. around larger buildings in sensors integrated through the
Barcelona is being explored. The Arrowhead Framework.
These capabilities are exploited complete system comprises a
by Arrowhead partners in more photovoltaic generator, a storage A big Swedish housing company,
than 20 applications. Some system, and peak load and Stena, with the support of
examples: emergency diesel generators. By Arrowhead partners has deployed
integrating these systems with space heating optimisation with
Using intelligent lifts, energy necessary sensors complying with adaptive heating curves using
savings of up to 65% can be the Arrowhead Framework and the Arrowhead Framework. Stena
achieved through optimisation using an Arrowhead optimisation claims 5% savings in energy
services (software) on a per-day service, energy savings of 25% are usage from an initial optimisation
basis for the lift (depending on expected. Also in Spain, SPLAU being deployed at one of Stena’s
the day conditions) by making - a larger shopping centre – will larger housing projects.
use of data services from lift use the Arrowhead framework
controller, battery, and energy to integrate various sensors and All of these examples have energy
recuperation devices. This is a actuators to monitor and control costs mounting up to millions
nice contribution to the “Near the HVAC system. Energy savings of Euro per annum. The savings
zero-energy buildings” of the estimated are 15%. therefore can be substantial,
EU directive (2010/31/EU: new provided the implementation is not
buildings to be NZEB by 2020). In Jyväskylä, northern Finland, too expensive. Initial comparisons
energy saving of 62% is expected indicate implementation costs
Another example is the for a smart street-lighting of less than 25% when using
pumping of water in large water system that uses an optimisation Arrowhead Framework compared
distribution networks. Through service together with wireless to the current state-of-the-art
an Arrowhead-enabled set of technology. l
sensors and actuators together
with an Arrowhead optimisation
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