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6 Never waste a good crisis: how            40 Winds of Change in Ports with             6
     Dieselgate must encourage us to             Problems, Zero Emissions Terminals      12
     leapfrog right into the electric era        shall be no exception                   24
     Kathleen Van Brempt, MEP, former            Malte Siegert, Head of                  34
     chair of EMIS (“Dieselgate” inquiry         Environmental Policy, NABU              46
     committee)                                  Hamburg

8 Brexit and Ireland’s energy supply:       42 The EU port policy and green ports
     time to look seriously to LNG?              Rémi Mayet, Deputy Head of the
     Sean Kelly, MEP                             Port and Inland Navigation Unit,
                                                 European Commission
12 Interview with: Daniele Agostini, Vice
     Chairman EURELECTRIC WG Energy         44 Deployment of Liquefied &
     & Resource Efficiency and Head of           Compressed Natural Gas related
     Low Carbon and European Energy              initiatives in the Danube region
     Policies, Enel                              Manfred Seitz and Ruxandra
                                                 Florescu, Pro Danube International,
16 Electric vehicles: sparking your              Vienna
     Professor Joeri Van Mierlo, MOBI       46 Power sector determined to lead the
     research group at Universiteit              energy transition
     Brussels                                    EURELECTRIC

24 Reimagining the energy syatem –          48 Why Europe needs to install more
     smart buildings and electric vehicles       PV Systems to deliver the Paris
     Cosmina Marian, Buildings                   Agreement
     Performance Institute Europe                Arnulf Jäger-Waldau, European
28 A future driven by standards
     Thomas Wilson, Policy Officer at       52 EERA: Championing EU transition to
     ECOS                                        Low Carbon
                                                 Adel El Gammal, Secretary-General,
30 Modern battery engineering                    The European Energy Research
     Prof. Dr.Ing. Kai Peter Birke and           Alliance (EERA)
     Christoph Bolsinger, Electrical
     Energy Storage Systems, University     55 Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel
     of Stuttgart                                SGMF – 4 years and counting
                                                 Mark Bell General Manager, SGMF
34 Current waves of change require               Secretariat
     resilient European ports
     Isabelle Ryckbost, Secretary General   56 Removing technical barriers to
     European Sea Ports Organisation             biomethane injection in the natural
                                                 gas grid
38 Motorways of the Sea and                      Robert Judd (GERG), Mailys Pale,
     Connecting Europe Facility: towards         Helene Morin, Zacaria Reddad
     greener ports and shipping industry         (Engie Lab Crigen)
     Brian Simpson, European Coordinator
     for Motorways of the Sea
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