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Autumn 2016 European Energy Innovation       55

                                                     SMART CITIES

                                 By 2030, the United Nations
                                               estimates that two out of
                                               every three people will live
                                               in cities hit by economic and
                                  environmental crises that have been
                                  ongoing since the end of the last
                                  century. A digital environment should
                                  leverage the ‘Smart City’ concept and
                                  pave the way for new features, new
                                  ways to manage, govern and live the
                                  city of tomorrow.

                                 In Bordeaux, the smart city concept          world’s capital of wine doesn’t prevent
                                 is part of the “Bordeaux digital             it from being one of the most dynamic
                                 city” programme implemented by               and active urban laboratories in France.
                                 the city’s mayor, whose ambitions are
                                 aligned with sustainable cities and the      Thanks to its reputation for research
                                 “COP 21 agenda”. The city’s main             and development, the quality of its
                                 goal is to decrease consumption of           education (more than 80,000 students)
                                 resources, put the user at the heart of      and a strong presence in innovative
                                 implementation and allow a systemic          sectors, Bordeaux became a reference
                                 approach to the city.                        for industry, in aeronautics, lasers,
                                                                              atomic research, wine, and emerging
                                 To develop and have visibility across        clusters such as video games or
                                 Europe, the cities of the 21th century       e-health.
                                 must be attractive. 
                                                                              These results are the outcome of an
                                 The Bordeaux metropolitan area               approach combining a sustainable
                                 (750,000 inhabitants) has undergone          urban development project, social
                                 great urban and economic                     inclusiveness, and a solid digital
                                 transformation thanks to major               agenda. They have been recognized
                                 structuring projects. The virtuous circle    by the national and international
                                 was initiated by the first urban project     community through numerous awards
                                 in 1995, which laid the foundations          and labels.
                                 for upgrading the city to a European
                                 metropolis. In 20 years, Bordeaux has        To accompany and accelerate this
                                 become the most attractive French city       development the Bordeaux metropolis
                                 to live and work in, according to several    decided to systematically involve
                                 recent studies*.  True to its history, to
                                 date Bordeaux is the largest urban
                                 complex to have been recognized by
                                 UNESCO, and the quality of life of the
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