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50  Autumn 2016 European Energy Innovation


connected to two V2G supporting          to any deviations from the target 50 Hz.  mentioned earlier (fast response, high
DC chargers developed by the Italian                                               power etc) makes them well suited to
power company ENEL and was               If the frequency rises above 50 Hz there  deliver this kind of service.
controlled (rate and direction of power  is too much energy in the system and
between EV and grid) using technology    the vehicles are asked to charge, if the  Of course the backend system
from NUVVE.                              frequency is less than 50 Hz there is     developed by NUVVE needed to
                                         too little power in the system and the    control the charge/discharge operation
In frequency containment, a fleet of     vehicles are asked to discharge.          to minimize battery degradation and
electric vehicles is paid to constantly                                            ensure sufficient energy for the trips
monitor the system frequency and react   The electric vehicles qualities as        done by the EV owner.

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