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48  Autumn 2016 European Energy Innovation


V2G – From concept to pilot

By Peter Bach Andersen, DTU Elektro

GRID INTEGRATED VEHICLES AND              means that there will be a new demand      add to the peak loads seen in the
V2G IN A NUTSHELL                         for electric power and energy. In          electric grid.
                                          Denmark the roughly eight thousand
The introduction of the electric vehicle  electric vehicles (by early 2016)          On the other hand the vehicle, through
represents both a challenge and           represent the addition of around 3500      new technology, can be made to
an opportunity for the electric grid.     new three-person households in terms       actively support the power system. The
The electrification of transportation,    of electric power demand. The impact,      vehicle can represent a fast responding,
a necessity to reach European and         however, is greatest in terms of power,    high-power flexible demand with a
International environmental target,       where electric vehicles can significantly  high degree of flexibility (charging can

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