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Light is the energy that cultures with different social lives the new lighting system with
makes life on Earth where the lighting is suited to the its intelligent automatic control
possible. Light controls people who live and work at that system, which accounts for
the human biological particular location. Good lighting about 80 percent of the energy
clock and is fundamental to our design and more efficient lighting reduction. The remaining 20
well-being. Daylight provides a systems would create a distinct percent is due to the new fixtures,
tremendous amount of energy, profile for the square, letting the which are nearly twice as efficient
and light is also the strongest link culture shine through. as the old ones. Although the
between human and architecture. investment cost for the new
I think there is much to gain if we Lighting has been in focus for the lighting solution was relatively
learn to use daylight better. last ten years and has become a high, it’s a one-time cost that can
symbol for saving energy. Great be recouped in a few years.
Studies show that five hours of progress has been made with the
solar energy around the world incandescent lamp phase-out How then do we combine
is enough for a year’s worth of on the European market and the daylight with electric light in a
energy consumption on Earth. By introduction of new light sources. new, optimal way? I envisage
accurately analysing daylight, we But how should these new light
can get a 24-hour design effect sources be applied in modern Kai Piippo, Chief Designer in ÅF Lighting, Sweden
that uses natural light during the and old facilities? It’s time to start
day and lets electric lights take talking about light as something Photo: Ida Borg
over at night. If we learned to life-giving and essential for
handle daylight better we could human well-being. It’s also time to
save energy and create pleasant start designing our environments
environments that are beautiful with an understanding of these
and healthy to live in. new light sources and how they
are controlled.
I want to make the world a more
beautiful and a better place A successful example of how
for people to live. Correctly good lighting design creates
used, light can create attractive, energy savings comes from
safe environments in cities, ÅF Lighting’s office in Malmö,
for example, that give social designed by my colleague Jim
sustainability an entirely new Collin. With a brand new lighting
status. We have the technology solution where each light source
and the knowledge to do it. is individually controllable and
With LEDs and control systems adjustable, he managed to
we can fine tune all lighting and reduce energy consumption by
save up to 90 percent of the as much as 92 percent in a new
energy. Today we can program office building. The lighting in the
all light sources in a town square L-shaped office space uses the
according to how it is used, how premise of creating many small
many people are usually there, rooms in the large one where
and what day of the week or each employee can control the
time of day it is. On Friday and lighting according to their needs
Saturday nights we can have and wishes. Along with several
lighting that creates a completely other well thought-out lighting
different atmosphere than on a solutions, this led to a happier,
Monday night. A town square in more energetic staff that has a
northern Sweden should have greater zest for work.
totally different lighting than a
town square in Naples. Different Driving the energy savings is
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