21 September 2021
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Summer 2021

In this issue:

   Rebuilding a sustainable and smart transport network
by Adina Valean, EU Commissioner for Transport

   Transport decarbonisation and sustainable aviation
by Marian-Jean Marinescu, Speaker of the EPP Group in TRAN Committee, Chair of Sky and Space Intergroup

   EERA reinforces its interest in the digitalisation of the energy sector
by Rafael Mayo-García, (CIEMAT and EERA DfE Coordinator)

   Are mortgage lenders the sleeping giants of the Renovation Wave?
by Peter Sweatman, CEO and Founder, Climate Strategy & Partners

   The role of charging infrastructure in accelerating electric heavy-duty vehicles
by Johan Söderbom, Thematic Leader for Smart Grids and Energy Storage at EIT InnoEnergy

...and much more...

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